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tanisha angel’s vegan recipe ebook

This ebook contains fun, colourful mouthwatering recipes of wholesome healthy food which are easy to prepare and are cost effective. It includes something for everyone; college students on a budget, time constrained parents, those working 9-5 jobs, sportspeople and fitness professionals, those in recovery, and most importantly; YOU!

Here you’ll find vegan, vegetarian, dairy free, gluten free, egg free recipes as well as many recipes which are low fat (801010 friendly) and/or raw. All recipes have step by step directions to enable you to cook with ease as you explore the world of healthy vegan food.



  • raw vegan salted caramel smoothie
  • choc raspberry smoothie
  • double pink antixoidant smoothie
  • minty green smoothie
  • green smoothie jar
  • green and purple layered smoothie
  • acai bowl
  • simple green smoothie
  • café style vanilla mylkshake
  • raspberry-coco smoothie


  • quinoa porridge
  • gRAWnola
  • raw chocolate mouse
  • buckwheat pancakes
  • tofu scramble
  • bircher museli
  • raw chia seed pudding


  • raw zucchini pasta with raw pesto
  • quinoa pizzas
  • raw vegan spaghetti bolognese
  • traditional Indian tempeh butter ‘chicken’
  • veggie wrap
  • coconut dhal
  • raw nori rolls
  • low fat almost raw tacos
  • sushi
  • raw eggplant sesame burgers


  • simple raw chocolate
  • raw almond snickers
  • raw carrot cake
  • raw mars bars
  • reece’s pieces inspired raw peanut butter and chocolate fudge
  • raw salted caramel slice
  • raw blueberry ripes
  • raw chocolate and key lime tarts
  • raw salted caramel sauce
  • raw twix bars
  • raw choc hazelnut cheesecake
  • raw salted caramel banoffee slice


  • nut butters
  • chocolate truffle superfood bliss balls
  • ferrero rocher inspired bliss balls
  • raw veggie crackers
  • raw green superfood crackers


  • salted caramel ice cream
  • choc chip cookie dough ice cream
  • raspberry and mint ripple ice cream with choc bliss ball bites
  • blueberry and persimmon ice cream swirl
  • neapolitan inspired raw vegan ice cream cake


  • superfood salad
  • shaved brocolli salad
  • quinoa salad


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